7 Reasons to Visit Puerto Princesa, Palawan


Travel and Leisure magazine once named Palawan as one of the world's best islands. With its world-class beaches and dumbfounding sceneries from its several towns, Palawan truly deserves the recognition.

Among the towns of Palawan, Puerto Princesa is one of the most sought-after destinations. So why visit Puerto Princesa?

1. Its subterranean river is included in New Seven Wonders of Nature.

In case you haven't heard, Puerto Princesa Underground River made it to the list of internationally renowned wonders of nature. The rock formations along the underground river will surely make you love Palawan. [Read more: Art Gallery de Underground River]

2. It has a lot of gorgeous white sand beaches!

We're not just talking about one island. Honda Bay, located on the eastern shore of Puerto Princesa, lets you explore several islands like Pandan, Cowrie, and Luli. All these islands flaunt a really nice shore and clear water for you to enjoy.

3. Their local food is incredibly tasty.

Never leave Puerto Princesa without trying tamilok, a type of worm living in a wood. It simply tastes like a fresh oyster. Also, Kalui is a recommended restaurant in town. Kalui's Tubbataha salad is a must-try. [Read more about Kalui Restaurant here]

4. Puerto Princesa has a rich culture and history to unfold.

Plaza Cuartel got so many stories to share, like how soldiers were burned and how others survived during World War II.

5. It has a new and exciting waterpark perfect for family getaways.

Astoria Waterpark, located in San Rafael, Puerto Princesa, is a hectare-wide resort that brings adrenaline rush through its bamboo water cannons, splash pads, and a two-meter high corkscrew slide. Kids and kids at heart will surely have fun in this waterpark.

6. The town allows you to work and relax at the same time.

Ideal for business travelers, Puerto Princesa's Mangrove Conference and Convention Center balances work and play. It has 72 spacious private rooms nestled within 13 leaf-shaped wooden cabin villas that can accommodate off-site meetings, conferences, team building sessions, and exhibits.

7. And world-class hotels are just within the reach, like Astoria Palawan.

There are lots of accommodation to choose from, but Astoria Palawan outshines them all. Following the success of other hotels by Astoria, Astoria Palawan offers roomy suites and excellent service. One remarkable thing about staying in Astoria Palawan is the musical welcome from the Batak Tribe. The resort also provides several activities like island hopping in Honda Bay, outdoor movie screenings, beach volleyball, mountain bike and golf cart rides, and tours within Puerto Princesa.

Address: Kilometer 62 North National Highway, Brgy. San Rafael, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Contact number: (+632) 687-1111 loc. 8302
E-mail address: sales@astoriapalawan.com
Official Website: Astoria Hotels and Resorts

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